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Design and Marketing Consultant

5 months
November 2017 - March 2018

  • Consumer Electronics Show booth with minimal budget
  • Influencer campaign and social calendar
  • Edit pitch and blog content for an English as a second language team
  • Set-up booth, pitch, network, and demo a wearable tech product
  • Worked directly with CEO, Investors, and Media, Advised Marketing Lead

Key Skills: 3D Rendering: KeyShot, 3D Modeling: Solidworks, 3D Printing: Ultimaker 2, Cura Slicer, Industrial, Graphic, UX Design, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Social Media Engagement: LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite, Marketing: Analytics/Targeted Content, Blog and MailChimp Campaign Copy Writing, Pitch Editing and Formatting, Google Apps: Slides, Docs, Sheets, Large Format Printing/Display Build, Project Proposal and Budget, Sales: Pitch and Follow-up




Report: Onalytica "Wearable Tech Landscape 2015"
Report: CES 2017 "Attendance Audience Summary"
Web Search: "Top (Wearables/Fashion) Tech Influencers (LinkedIn/Twitter)" Advanced Settings - "Past Year"

Brand Map: Compass and the Nail by Craig Wilson




Ereka Park Booth Mockup 1.jpg


Trade Show Booth

Booth Prep: Designed to Fit into a Suitcase


Booth Upon Arrival: Large Format Printing Printed & Installed by CES Contractor


Booth Details



Senstone Pitch

Elevator Pitch for Booth Presentations
Senstone is a portable voice assistant that captures your thoughts. Just tap, speak, tap again, and the minimal device records calendar events, tasks, reminders, and sends them via Bluetooth to your handheld device. From there, the Senstone productivity app uses AI to translate voice to text and identify key phrases and event cues. Our team is integrating Senstone with other productivity apps including Evernote and Apple Calendar.

Management Professionals, Healthcare Providers, and Creative types are able to record their thoughts anywhere. Our team estimates that a doctor is able to save 25min per appointment, simply because they can dictate patient notes during the consult - their team is then able to take action immediately.

Often times, it is impolite and unsafe to interact with devices - or we just have our hands full. We can now stay productive on-the-go!

Senstone had a very successful Kickstarter campaign and is beginning to send units to backers now. Our team has completed engineering, quality, and beta testing so we are confident in both the software and hardware. Senstone will be launching in Spring 2018 at a retail price of $129, including software, with the option to upgrade to premium services. We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone - let's discuss further - what industry are you in?

Pitching at the Booth: Media, Investors, Buyers, Manufacturers, R&D Partners



Traction Posts: Establish Media Backing


Reminder Posts: Significant Information


Conference Updates: Hello, Events, and Achievements


Motivational Quotes: Encouraged Team to Engage with Speakers & Record Inspiration for Posting at Events



Pitch Deck

Google Slides Editable Formatting: Senstone CMO, Dara Burko, Presenting Senstone at Tech Chill Conference February, 2018



Photo Editing