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Rosanna Inc.

Industrial Design Lead

1yr. 8mo.
August 2015 - March 2017

  • Travel 25% of Year for product and international factory management

  • Sourcing, ideation, prototyping, product pitch

  • Technical documentation for ceramic and glass manufacturing

  • Worked directly under CEO, collaborated with COO, Operations Manager, Warehouse Manager, Creative Lead, and VP of Sales, managed one employee

  • Clients: Starbucks, Teavana, Smithsonian, Nordstrom, Guggenheim, Met Museum, White House Historical Association, 9/11 Memorial, Francescas

Key Skills: Industrial Design, Machine Repair/Maintenance, Sourcing, Patience and Availability After Hours for Troubleshooting, Visual Communication Across Language Barriers, 3D Rendering: KeyShot, 3D Modeling: Solidworks, 3D Printing: Ultimaker 2, Cura Slicer, General: Project Proposal and Pitch, Writing, Client Relations, Follow-up, Industry Trend and Mass Production Processes Research, Ceramics Machine Processes Innovation, Employee Training, Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sales and Design Representative at Trade Shows



Our Team

Rosanna Bowles (President, Art Director)
London Dewey (Creative Lead)
Rebekah Webb (Creative Lead)
Bridget Gahagan (Sr. Graphic Designer)
Karly Krause (Production Designer)
Katie Utgaard (Industrial Designer)

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Design Constraints

Dependent on client constraints: time, budget, volume, market.

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Ceramics Innovation Residency

Dongguan, China
Fall 2017

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Innovation Residency, (machine & production processes study, innovation ideation) 1 week at factory, Fall 2016



Exclusive Clients


Metropolitan Museum of Art


MET Facade Ornament (Ideation, Prototyping, Sample Management, Packaging), Holiday 2017


White House Historical Association

download (2).png

White House Ornament (Ideation, Prototyping, Sample Management, Packaging), Holiday 2017




Enamelware Style Mug (Ideation, Glaze Development), Holiday 2017


Holiday Village (Ideation, Prototyping, Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016

Nesting Cups2.jpg

Nesting Cups (Ideation, Prototyping, Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016

Sweater Cup.jpg

Icon Ornaments (Ideation, Prototyping, Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016

Red Cup Demi.jpg

Classic Demi (Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016

Set of Four Logos.jpg

Winter Ornaments (Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016

Local Collection.jpg

Home Collection (Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016



Bergen Tea Set.jpg
Bergen Tea Set Large.jpg

Bergen Tea Set (Ideation, Prototyping, Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016


Poinsettia Glassware, (Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016


Hexagon Trays, (Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016

Tea Charms.jpg

Tea Charms & Infusers, (Sample Management, Packaging, QA), Holiday 2016



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On the Ramps Collection, (Ideation, Sample Management), Fall 2016


Rosanna Brand


Fall 2017

Fall 2017 - Travel.jpg

Spring 2017

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Fall 2016

Fall 2016 - Pacifica Collection.jpg

Additional experience

Canton Import and Export Fair

Sourcing (Glass, Ceramics, and Fabrics) Fall 2016


New York Now Trade Show

Rosanna Tradeshow Booth2.jpg

Company Representative (Set-up, Sales, and Trend Research) Winter 2016 and 2017



Product Photoshoots Holiday 2016 and Spring 2017


Featured In

Key Learnings

1) Project planning and management is incredibly important for product success.
Below is a 6 month consolidated, master project epic with phases, key decision points (yellow), and daily tasks for in-house, clients, and five types of production processes. This planning document functioned as a working project record, established standard procedures, held stakeholders accountable, and enabled team leads to quickly pick up various tasks among up to 10 client projects that our small office consistently juggled.

Rosanna Project Timeline-01.jpg

2) Coordinated efforts between business functions is challenging but possible if leadership seeks to learn, acts on change, and maintains accountability.
Our creative team maintained a long-running project to organize files, archives, transition creative assets from physical to digital formats, streamline client communications, and create templates to standardize business processes.

3) I enjoyed the independence and responsibility of building out an Industrial Design program but missed working with technical teams.
My background in entrepreneurship and tech led to some innovative product concepts and a capacity to understand manufacturing processes, which granted me the outstanding opportunity to travel to implement these ideas. However, there were limits to the types of products the business produced and markets we had the capacity to enter - I missed working with engineers and pivoted my career to re-enter the tech industry.