Modular lab

Team Lead

3 months
January - March 2015

The opportunity to create temporary marine research stations gives scientists the unprecedented ability to define their research plan within their individual team’s spatial, equipment, and temporal constraints, not the schedule and interior restraints of any available boat. The base consists of seven types of standardized, prefabricated units, which are customized to order. These modules are then ferried out to sea on a barge and positioned by tugboats. Modular Lab is a solution for pop-up research needs in an increasingly globalized and fast-paced future.

Project Team:
Mauricio Romano
Tai Geng
Jordan Steranka
Katie Utgaard
Kathryn Bachen



  • 3D Rendering, 3D Printing
  • Industrial Design
  • Presentation
  • Prototyping
  • Research
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Goal: Enable Accessibility for Marine Research


Explore: Modular Solutions & Forms


Interview: Industry Experts



Presentation at Glosten Studio

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