local impact northwest

UX Designer

3 months
December 2015 - February 2016

UX Designer

  • Interpret environmental and social impact values to craft mission statement and branding
  • Develop Squarespace website for ticket sales and conference wayfinding
  • Write web copy including advertising, workshop descriptions, and guest bios
  • Create content and manage marketing campaign leading up to conference
  • Organize digital materials including templates for workshop presentations
  • Print materials: brochure/workbook, stickers, and signage
  • Photograph conference and assist as needed day-of

Key Skills: UX Design, Graphic Design, Squarespace Website, Eventbrite Ticket Sales, Marketing: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, Google Apps: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Rapid Turnaround, Remote Work




  • 1 Month Development Timeline
  • Straightforward landing page with a call-to-action at the top and bottom
  • Eventbrite integrated ticket sales
  • Mobile-optimized for easy day-of schedule and workshop description access
  • Integrated social feeds for real-time updates
  • Envisioned and acted as the go-to source for conference access
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